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360 Allstars - Burnie

  • 360 Allstars - Burnie

Ten Days on the Island In association with the Burnie Arts & Function Centre present


360 ALLSTARS reinvents the traditional circus and presents contemporary performance styles instead of conventional circus acts.

360 ALLSTARS is a phenomenal theatrical performance exploring all forms of rotation. Boasting a stellar cast, including world champion athletes, world class dancers and world renowned musicians, the production connects the street with the elite to deliver a radical urban circus!

Replace acrobats with breakdancers, substitute a basketball freestyler in place of a juggler, swap the unicyclist for a BMX flatlander, and throw in a Roue Cyr artist and you get an exhilarating circus performance, like nothing you have seen before! And with live music from master musician, Gene Peterson, 360 ALLSTARS is as aurally exciting as it is visually astounding.

Showcasing some of Australia’s best performers, alongside celebrated international artists such as Peter Sore, two time World Champion BMX Flatliner from Hungary, and B-boy Physicx, Korean World Champion break dancer. 360 ALLSTARS is a revolutionary production, that will leave you dizzy with excitement!

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Event Date:
22 Mar 2013

(03) 6430 5850


The Burnie Arts And Function Centre, 77-79 Wilmot Street, Burnie, Tasmania, 7320

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