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Blue Cow Theatre's ART

  • Blue Cow Theatre's ART

A Comedy by Yasmina Reza, Translated by Christopher Hampton, Jeff Michel, Robert Jarman and John Xintavelonis deliver one of the best nights you will have in the theatre this year.

Friends. You love them but sometimes you just can’t understand them. Especially when they do something completely unexpected... something that makes you wonder how they ever became your friends in the first place. Serge has bought a modern painting for a huge sum of money. His best friend, Marc, hates it. Marc can’t believe that any friend of his could possibly want such a thing. Enter Yvan – the mutual friend, the go-between, the meat in the sandwich. The question is: Are you who you think you are? Or are you who your friends think you are? This trio are sure to serve up an unforgettable evening at the theatre.

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Event Date:
9 Feb 2013

(03) 6430 5850


The Burnie Arts And Function Centre, 77-79 Wilmot Street, Burnie, Tasmania, 7320

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