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I Think I Can

  • I Think I Can

Who would you like to be today?"

Tasmania's Terrapin Puppet Theatre's beguiling interactive artwork I Think I Can invites the audience to inhabit a delightful miniature town and become active members of the tiny community.

After completing a playful "Career Test" to personality-match you with a puppet, a tiny alter-ego is yours to be steered through daily life. You will make decisions for, and undertake tasks with, your character as the puppetry is displayed on screens surrounding the installation. As more audience members join in, the community grows. The townsfolk's antics and adventures are shared with the world via an online newspaper.

This appealing artwork light-heartedly examines what it means to be a part of an engaged community.

Terrapin Puppet Theatre and the presentation of I Think I Can are assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council and through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts.

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Event Date:
27 Mar 2015 to 29 Mar 2015

(03) 6430 5746


The Burnie Arts And Function Centre, 77-79 Wilmot Street, Burnie, Tasmania, 7320

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