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Terrapin Puppet Theatre - Pip & Pooch - Burnie

  • Terrapin Puppet Theatre - Pip & Pooch - Burnie

"Terrapin’s trick is to keep the basics of compelling puppetry at the core, for it is the sheer delight of unexpected transformations—big and small, digital and mechanical—that keeps the fascination alive." Real Time

When 9-year-old Pip receives a gift of a pet dog with a camera around its neck she is unsure how to react. But the wisecracking pooch wins her over with innocent common sense that only comes from stretches at the dog pound. Soon they have formed a bond that Pip uses as protection against her ever-popular big brother Jayden and Snooty the school bully. So when the camera reveals a photo of the dog apparently flying, Pip devises an ingenious plan to solve all her problems by getting the pooch to just fly again.

But dogs can’t talk, and dogs can’t fly…or can they?

In this quirky and hilarious new play, Helpmann Award winner Terrapin once again combines traditional and digital puppetry in an inspiring tale of real friendship, revealing the magical bond of a child and their pet, and how to win over your foes.

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Event Date / Time:
13 Jul 2013

(03) 6430 5850


The Burnie Arts And Function Centre, 77-79 Wilmot Street, Burnie, Tasmania, 7320

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