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Virtuosi Tasmania Master String Quartets - Devonport

  • Virtuosi Tasmania Master String Quartets - Devonport

In June Virtuosi Tasmania presents a series of concerts featuring string quartets by master composers Joseph Haydn and Claude Debussy, performed by members of the TSO.

Haydn is considered the father of the string quartet, a master composer, he was a hard act to follow, but the string quartet form was taken to a new level by Mozart and then to another level by Beethoven where, in the opinion of many, it reached its zenith. By the time Debussy came along it was considered a brave composer who was prepared to go head to head with these great men. Yet Debussy pulled it off, writing a string quartet which is considered to be one of the greatest. Perhaps tellingly, he wrote only one!

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Event Date / Time:
23 Jun 2013

(03) 6232 4450


Devonport Regional Art Gallery, 45 Stewart Street, Devonport, Tasmania, 7310

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