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Calcified Forest – King Island

calcifiedforest_110847-4_320x210In the Seal Rocks State Reserve on the south-west coast of King Island there's a 7,000 year old calcified forest. This is a must see experience for visitors to the island.

A short walk from the reserve car park takes you to the forest where you'll discover the calcified root systems of this ancient forest. The broken trunks of stone trees rising from the sand are mysterious and eerie.

The forest was exposed when wind erosion removed the lime-laden sand that had covered the area.

Look out for Bennets wallabies, echidnas, blue tongue lizards and an abundance of bird life along the way.

Visitor facilities are a toilet and picnic shelter.

The reserve is located on South Road, 30 - 40 minutes south of Currie, King Island.

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