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Farm Gate Market – Hobart

farmgatemarket_120841-3_320x210This lovely little market is open every Sunday morning from 9 am in Bathurst Street between Murray and Elizabeth St in the Hobart CBD.

Farm Gate Market is Hobart's Sunday morning hotspot where you can meet friends for breakfast, read the weekend papers or just enjoy the buzz and friendly atmosphere of the largest farmers' market in Tasmania. Buskers add atmosphere and there's plenty to devour onsite with delicious seasonal soups, gourmet burgers, paella, burritos and the best sushi in Australia, all made to order.

The Farm Gate Market also sells super fresh, local seasonal produce direct from the producer to the public, including Tasmanian fruit and vegetables, artisan cheeses, bakery items, world class seafood, lamb, Berkshire pork, Tasmanian wine and specialty beverages, locally roasted coffee beans, herbal teas and lots more.

If you're staying in self-contained accommodation then why not take the opportunity to stock your larder with the freshest of Tasmania's beautiful produce - and if you're not in an apartment, then drop by anyway.

The market is open from 9 am - 1 pm every Sunday.

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