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Low Head Fog Horn

lowheadfoghorn_116252-4_320x210Low Head Lighthouse, near George Town on Tasmania's North Coast, has the only still working Type G diaphone fog horn in the world. With a range of up to 32 km, it's also the largest ever constructed.

The small hamlet of Low Head at the head of the Tamar River on Bass Strait was first established as a pilot station in 1805 to guide ships into the mouth of the Tamar River. Today, it's Australia's oldest still operating pilot station. 

A light station was also established there in 1833 and since replaced with the current light house in 1888.

Following a substantial increase in the amount of shipping using the Tamar River, it was found that very heavy river and sea fog created significant hazards and costly delays.

In the 1920's the fog horn was installed at the light station to warn ship's masters that they were approaching a dangerous shore and advise them by means of a unique signal that the shore was Low Head.

The Low Head foghorn is regularly 'test sounded' every Sunday at noon.

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