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Mt Nelson Signal Station

mtnelsonsignalstation_108337-3_320x210When it's cloudy or wet and a trip to the top of Mt Wellington is not such a good idea, try the Mt Nelson Signal Station instead.

The Mount Nelson Signal Station is only a 10-minute drive from the Hobart city centre and offers beautiful views over the city and surrounding areas, including Bruny Island and the D'Entrecasteaux Channel.

Built in 1811, the signal station at Mt Nelson was the first to be constructed in Tasmania. Today, the Signal Station offers a fascinating insight into the history of the early colony. Informative panels describe the process of semaphore signalling, station life and the role the station played in shipping, initially for the Port of Hobart and later for both Hobart and Port Arthur.

The lookout and adjacent café are fully accessible as are the toilets next to the car park. There's a picnic area nearby with unsheltered picnic tables and BBQs, although those with wheelchairs may require assistance with the path leading to the area.

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