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Hobart Yachts

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Hobart Yachts offer yachting and cruises and are based in Hobart, Southern Tasmania.

Our cruises range from a leisurely sail on the beautiful Derwent River, enjoying a glass of one of Tasmania’s best wines and perhaps a wedge of sumptuous King Island cheese, to overnight and extended cruises, sailing in the footsteps of Captain Cook and the infamous William Bligh to places that will take your breath away.

Tasmania’s waterways and coastline are among the most beautiful, unspoiled and spectacular in the world.

Helsal IV is one of the largest yachts to race in the Tasmanian sailing fleet. With the body of an ocean racer and the living quarters of a luxury cruiser, thrills and comfort go hand in hand with experiences that will stay with you a lifetime.

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$88.00 - $5000.00

0438 399 477


R1, Kings Pier Marina, Marieville Esplanade, Hobart, Tasmania, 7000

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Please select a tour service below to find out more information:

    • Derwent River Charter
    • Twilight Races
    • Overnight Charter
    • East Coast Charter
    • Port Davey Charter
    • Full Day Charter
    • Match Racing
    • Three hour morning, afternoon or twilight cruise on the wonderful Derwent River. The charter involves sailing on one of the largest and most beautiful natural harbours in the world, with spectacular views of Hobart and Mt Wellington. The best Tasmanian fare will be provided as refreshments along with tea, coffee, water and non-alcoholic beverages. Full meals can be arranged and a selection of fine Tasmanian wine and beer is available at our cash bar - and at regular bar prices.

      Departing from the Hobart docks, seven days a week when not on extended charters. Maximum of 18 passengers per yacht.

    • Be a part of the crew (as active as you want to be) in a real yacht race onboard a luxurious racing yacht. Twilight yacht races on the Derwent River are a magnificent tradition in Hobart; be a part of it and get your heart racing too.

      The races have finished for the season and will resume in October 2013.

      We will post the dates as soon as they become available

      Helsal IV leaves King’s Pier Marina at 1645 and returns at approximately 2030

    • This yacht charter combines the pleasure of two full days sailing, adventure and exploration with an overnight stay onboard Helsal IV in luxury airconditioned/heated cabins. The best of Tasmanian fare is provided for all meals and refreshments. Tea, coffee, water and non-alcoholic beverages are provided throughout the day. A selection of fine Tasmanian wines and beer are available from the cash bar - at regular bar prices.

      The overnight anchorage will depend on the weather and the kind of daytime activities you wish to enjoy. You can expect to see dolphins and seals, and whales during the summer migration. Activities include swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, kayaking, surfing, fishing, bushwalking, touring convict ruins, or just lazing about on the deck or strolling along one of the many brilliant white sandy beaches … not to mention the thrill of sailing itself!

      We typically overnight at either Port Arthur, Bruny Island or Recherche Bay. All of these destinations are either in or on the edge of world class National Parks.

      Departure times from the Hobart docks are flexible and bookings are essential. Maximum of 10 passengers per yacht.

      Cost varies depending on numbers and catering requirements.

    • These are usually four-day/three-night yacht charters, but like all our cruises, they can be customised to suit your requirements. After departing from Hobart we usually overnight at the historic convict settlement of Port Arthur. The next day we sail past giant vertical cliffs that plunge straight into the depths of the Southern Ocean before rounding spectacular Tasman Island, with its boistrous and inquisitive Australian fur seal colony, and head up the East Coast, stopping over at Maria Island (with its convict settlement, scenic walks, deserted beaches and friendly native wildlife) before sailing past the incredibly beautiful Hazard Range and into one of the worlds most picturesque anchorages, Wineglass Bay in the Freycinet National Park. Apart from the opportunity to indulge in all the sensational activities and the absolutely jaw-dropping scenery – all the while being catered to with the best of gourmet Tasmanian fare – you won’t be able to take the grin off your face from the sheer exhilaration of being under sail aboard one of the most magnificent racing cruisers ever built (and that is no mean feat with a dropped jaw).

      Watch whales, dolphins and seals, catch a big game fish, dive amongst the giant kelp forests and gather abalone and crayfish to cook on our sun deck. Or sit back, relax and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of one of the most beautiful coastal regions in the world.

      Departure times from the Hobart docks are flexible and bookings are essential. Cost varies depending on numbers and catering requirements.

    • For the memory of a lifetime book on one of our yacht charters to Port Davey on Tasmania’s rugged west coast. Port Davey is a Marine Reserve and part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area and the South West National Park. This journey will change your life.

      They are usually six-day/five-night trips, but like all our journeys, they can be customised to suit your requirements. Typically they begin in Hobart, stopping over in Recherche Bay the first night before making our way around the Southern tip of Tasmania, sailing past the Matsuyker Island group back in time to the vast pristine waterways of Port Davey and Bathurst Harbour.

      It is impossible to describe just how unique and exciting this vast and spectacular wilderness destination is. Bushwalking in the World Heritage National Park, the most isolated surf breaks, endless sheltered bays and inlets to explore by kayak, dive beneath the tea coloured freshwater surface to a marine environment normally only found at unreachable ocean depths, and a coastline as awe-inspiring as any you can imagine; the Port Davey region abounds with seafood for divers and fishermen (outside the park of course). There are no cars, no roads … no shopping!

      Choose one of the fly/walk/sail options! You can stay with us in Port Davey after flying or walking in and then fly or walk back out. You can also begin or end your walking/flying tour of the area by sailing with us one way. Due to the remoteness of the area it is recommended that small children, infants and those with health concerns, fly in and meet us at Port Davey.

      Departure time from the Hobart docks is flexible and bookings are essential.

      Cost varies depending on numbers, catering requirements, whether you sail one way or both, and the length of stay at Port Davey/Bathurst Harbour.

    • Depending on the weather – especially the wind – these eight hour yacht charters will take you out into Storm Bay or the more sheltered waters of D’entrecasteaux Channel and Bruny Island.

      As well as the thrill of sailing, you can enjoy some fishing, swimming, snorkelling – whatever takes your fancy – and the best Tasmanian fare will be served for lunch, morning and afternoon tea. Alternatively, the cruise can be arranged to take in lunch and an evening meal. Tea, coffee, water and non-alcoholic beverages are provided throughout the day, and a selection of fine Tasmanian wines and beer are available from the cash bar - at regular bar prices.

      Departure times from the Hobart docks are flexible and bookings are essential. Maximum of 18 passengers per yacht.

    • Two identical 62 foot luxury ocean racer/cruisers slug it out on the Derwent River following the last leg of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. Sail aboard a veteran of three Sydney to Hobart races, Helsal IV, or Magic Miles. Take a turn at the helm, on the winches or sit back and enjoy the thrill of the race. The rivalry between the two boats is contagious!

      These two maxi yachts can accommodate 18 passengers each (ie. maximum total of 36). Highly experienced and qualified skippers and crew ensure that you get the most out of your day with clear instructions on how to participate fully and safely. The race takes approximately three hours, sailing to the mouth of the Derwent River and follows the Sydney to Hobart race back across the finish line at Battery Point. At the end of the race we retire to a nearby hotel or wine bar to watch video of the day’s racing and 'debrief' over a drink or two.

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