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Woman and man driving in red car See the best of Tassie by car

Tassie Touring by Car

I often feel as though I am moving from the frame of one painting to the next as I travel through Tassie. The variety of landscapes, ever-changing colour palette and sheer scope of this little island lost in time never ceases to amaze me.

Many people think that you can see all of Tasmania in a couple of days. Or a perhaps a week. But I soon realised that although the distances between regions aren't always huge, the things to see along the way could keep me busy for months.

I started my Tassie tour by renting a car from Hobart and heading up along the east coast. Stopping along the way to do day walks on the Freycinet peninsula, fishing for flathead for dinner and staying up late to photograph the limitless night sky overhead. I ran on the beaches alongside whales in Binalong Bay and tested out the sapphire waters on Bicheno's coast. And that was easily a week in itself.

I had initially planned two weeks on the road, hoping to do a loop of the state but realised pretty quickly that if I wanted to see the state properly, I had been a little optimistic. I thus decided to keep exploring at my current pace and save the exploration of the great South West for my next trip.

I continued my journey north stopping to visit the tulips in Wynyard, the historic sites of Stanley and the rugged coastline along Bass Strait.

Where else in the world can you drive for an hour and pass the green, rolling hills of farmlands, through lush forests, along white sand beaches and beside the buildings from a time long forgotten?

Touring Tasmania by car had given me the freedom to explore at my own pace and stop when and where I wanted. I stumbled across festivals, wandered in and out of vineyards, and discovered more than a few things about myself along the way.