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Rows of grape vines Vineyard in Tasmania's north west

Wineries, Walks and Wilderness at Cradle Mountain

Wineries, walking and wilderness: is there a better combination? Tasmania does wineries, walks and wilderness very well.

Over on the far side of Dove Lake, reflected in the still waters, is Cradle Mountain. The summit is not a walk for the weak. You'll need to be built of strong stuff to come out on top with the most part of a day ahead of you.

The peaceful scenery promotes a light pace; every step an encounter with new textures. There will be no burn in your muscle until you make like a mountain goat on steep boulders. This is where you'll start to think about Tasmanian wine.

Those who opt for the less grueling Dove Lake circuit of two hours and much beauty may have already visited one of the several vineyards close by.

Only an hour away from Cradle Mountain, more or less, are three premium vineyards offering more than just a cellar door experience. Ghost Rock Vineyard, just out of Devonport, has quality dining and entertainment with views to the coast. Lake Barrington Vineyard is located by the picturesque lake it's named after and has grounds for a picnic with suitable supplies available by lunch order. Barringwood Estate too must be on your route if you are a willing participant in the wineries, walks and wilderness challenge.

Those who make it to the very top of Cradle Mountain, raise your arms high in a cheer because though that elegant single vineyard sparkling hasn't trickled across your tongue yet, what surrounds you is more dramatic wonder than you could ever have expected; the refined palate of Tasmania's World Heritage Wilderness.