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Davies Construction International Mural Fest 2021

  • Davies Construction International Mural Fest 2021

International Mural Fest Sheffield Tasmanian aims to : create an annual event which re-kindles commitment and interest to the town of murals concept.

Provide an event which brings thousands of visitors to Kentish to provide short term business opportunities and long term economic benefits.

Provide emerging and established artists with an opportunity to demonstrate their talents in a public forum, assisting in their artistic growth and development and to promote mural art as a valued art form.

Encourage youth to take a greater interest in the arts as a way of self-expression and personal development.

Develop International Mural Fest into an annual and prestigious event on the international arts calendar.

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Event Date:

0409 016 529


Mural Park, Mural Park Pioneer Crescent, Sheffield, Tasmania, 7306