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King Island Long Table Festival 2020

  • King Island Long Table Festival 2020

This is a five-day event that showcases what King Island has to offer from paddock to plate. Including, farm tours, kitchen sessions and a four- hour long lunch. An extremely popular event for food lovers of beef, game meats, cheese, seafood and local fruit and vegetables.

Everything is gathered and you get to meet with the growers and then help along with the chefs, before enjoying a long, lazy lunch.

Many activities are included in a rare opportunity to see 'behind the scenes' of life on King Island. Definitely worth the trip.

We hope you will join us this year and enjoy the wonderful friendship, hospitality and food King Island has to offer.

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Event Date:
2 Apr 2020 to 7 Apr 2020

(03) 4762 1775


King Island Golf and Bowling Club, Owen Smith Drive,, Currie, Tasmania, 7256