Winter with whisky and wine

Old Kempton Distillery - Samuel Shelley

Winter with wine and whisky

The well-watered Off Season

Take a crackling fire and a winter’s day. Add wine or whisky (or cider or vodka or craft beer).
It’s the recipe for Tasmanian warmth.

DIY spirits

Why simply taste when you can distil your own or put the final touches on a personal bottle or barrel? Get botanical with a gin-blending masterclass, and seal the deal on a bottle of whisky as you wax-seal one you’ve poured direct from the barrel. Fancy more than just a bottle? You can always buy and fill your own whisky barrel at Old Kempton Distillery. Roll up your sleeves and DIY at the following:

Cellar doors with warmth

Wherever you travel in Tasmania, a cellar door is never far away, and winter is the season when many are at their cosiest. Open fires – which you might share with the winemaker’s dog – add comfort to the good cheer at the island’s family-run wineries, and there are cellar doors with pizza ovens, restaurants and even house-made grappa for a truly warming tipple. Warm up inside and out with a winter tasting:

Winter-warming wines

Tasmania’s famed cool-climate pinot noirs taste even better when it’s cold outside, and there are even bigger and bolder varietals on offer that are the perfect companions to winter. After all, it was only a decade ago that a Tasmanian shiraz (by Glaetzer-Dixon) won Australia’s most coveted wine prize, the Jimmy Watson Memorial Trophy. Cellar doors producing bold winter reds include:

Bars and taprooms

Tasmania’s craft brewers turn out beers well paired to winter, with cosy taprooms and bars providing the perfect setting for a winter pint. Many are attached to the breweries, while others showcase beers from across the state. Toast the good times at:

Spring Beach, Lisa Kuilenburg

Inside the off season

“The warming effect of whisky is a bit like a hug on the inside, and it’s never better than by the sea, overlooking Spring Bay on Tasmania’s east coast, the heartland of Tasmanian seafood and cool-climate wines.”

Suzy Brett, Spring Bay Distillery