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Flinders Island kayaking adventures - Roaring 40s kayaking - Flinders Island Kayaking Explorations

Kayakers at Flinders Island
Enjoying Flinders Island beaches
Kayakers on Flinders Island
Flinders Island beaches
Kayaking on Flinders Island
Kayakers on Flinders Island
Kayaks on the beach on Flinders Island
Kayakers enjoying clear water on Flinders Island
Kayakers relaxing at the end of the day on Flinders Island
Beautiful Flinders Island
Experience the clear waters, long sandy beaches and granite peaks of Flinders Island. Touring Flinders Island on land offers a dramatic array of scenery – lush countryside, granite mountains, white beaches and secluded bays. But seeing this island from the water intensifies its magnificence. As you're skimming over the blue waters surrounding the island, it seems the mountains rise from the sea and stand as granite overlords to the paddocks, bush and coastline. The beaches are often bereft of humans with just the birds and wildlife and on the water the feeling is the same; just the birds above and the fishlife in the clear waters below. We love how laidback island life is and we can't wait to share some of the stunning coastal scenery and hidden gems. There's also an abundance of fresh, local food to enjoy and the chance to meet some of the interesting characters that make up the wonderful community on Flinders Island. And that includes the abundance of wildlife – wombats, wallabies, Cape Barren Geese to mention a few. With seats in kayaks limited to just eight guests, your Flinders Island experience will be personal and without doubt, one to remember.

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