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Great Western Tiers Forest Walks Tasmania

  • Great Western Tiers Forest Walks Tasmania

Great Western Tiers Forest Walks offers short guided on the Great Western Tiers through Tasmania’s magnificent forests. On a short walk, you will experience majestic eucalypts, mythic rainforests, unique wildlife and the spectacular landscapes of the Tasmanian World Heritage Area. There are walks for all ages, abilities and levels of interest with local guides who enjoy sharing their love and knowledge of Tasmania’s natural environment.

An easy-grade Rainforest Walk takes two to three hours over level terrain. This walk provides an exciting insight into Tasmanian’s world-famous rainforests. It is suitable for younger children and older people of reasonable fitness. It is our most popular walk,

The World Heritage Walk takes between six and eight hours and requires a much higher level of fitness and reasonable bushwalking experience. This walk traverses alpine wilderness.

Our guides are informative with a passion for interpreting the Tasmanian environment.

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669 Jackeys Marsh Road, Jackeys Marsh, Tasmania, 7304

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    • Rainforest Walk
    • Wild Forest Walk
    • World Heritage Walk
    • On this walk you will have the opportunity to see a variety of forest communities including some very old rainforest. The rainforest is dominated by ancient myrtles and has been protected from fire and forest exploitation for hundreds of years. This is an easy grade walk and can be tailored to suit all levels of fitness and people of all ages. If you don’t feel you are fit enough to undertake more adventurous bushwalks in Tasmania this may be the walk that suits you. At the end of the walk you are free to linger on the community area at Forest Walks Lodge for a picnic. You may be lucky enough to see an echidna digging for ants or a wedge-tailed eagle circling overhead.

    • This is a forest walk with a difference. Walking largely off track you will experience the forest as it really is, rather than as it has been adapted by human intervention. Our guides are ecologists and experienced interpreters and will lead you on a journey of discovery from the ancient forests of the super continent of Gondwana to the more recent fire adapted eucalypts. The Great Western Tiers contains a wide variety of forest communities. It is the meeting point between the wet rainforest communities of the west coast, the dry forest of the east and Tasmania’s alpine plant communities. The opportunity for forest interpretation with this variety of forest in such close proximity is unparalleled elsewhere in Tasmania. The forests and their surrounds are also home to almost all of Tasmania’s bird and marsupial mammal species. Our guides will adopt an easy pace, which may vary with each group. We ask all our clients for pre trip information so we can assess clients for any special needs before departure. Good walking shoes and reasonable fitness will make this walk more enjoyable. Lunch is included.

    • This is a very special walk into a sensitive region of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. The walk ascends the Great Western Tiers escarpment to the alpine wilderness beyond through some spectacular scenery. In a crowded world, you will gain an incredible feeling of space and timelessness. It is a once in a lifetime wilderness experience within easy reach of roads and accommodation. Many of Tasmania’s endemic plant species can be found in this region including the elusive high country King Billy Pine (Athrotaxis selaginoides) and the Pencil Pine (Athrotaxis cupressoides). These Pangean species, related to the American redwoods, coexist in this area with the later Gondwanan vegetation dominated by Myrtle (Nothofagus cunninghamii) rainforest. You must be fit and have previous bushwalking experience to undertake this walk. Limited numbers, as well as minimal impact bushwalking techniques, ensure the environment is protected. The weather can be unpredictable so you will need sun protection, warm clothing, wet weather gear and good walking boots. We reserve the right to alter or cancel the walk due to inclement weather or other factors that may make the route unsafe. Lunch is included.

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