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Queenstown Heritage Tours

  • Queenstown Heritage Tours
  • Queenstown Heritage Tours
  • Queenstown Heritage Tours
  • Queenstown Heritage Tours
  • Queenstown Heritage Tours
  • Queenstown Heritage Tours

Queenstown Heritage Tours operate various tour activities from our base at the The Paragon Theatre.

Take a guided tour through this magnificent Art Deco theatre for a small fee. (Theatre tour included in all of our other tours).

"Lost Mines-Ancient Pines" Visit Tasmanian Special Timbers sawmill, 1880's pioneering Gold Quartz mines and an early 1890's underground Copper/Gold/Silver mine. All of this amongst South West world heritage forest, rich with wild growing Huon Pines, King Billy pines and all the other Tasmanian special timber species.

2.5 hrs

The "Lake Margaret Hydro Power" tour visits the 1914 commissioned Lake Margaret power station. Enter the power house to see the original machinery still at work, the wooden pipelines delivering water to the turbines and the village that is still intact. Enjoy a light morning or afternoon tea inside the village hall.

Variations and combination tours are available by arrangement.

2.5 hrs

Queenstown is a four-hour drive north-west of Hobart (256 kilometres) and a 40-minute drive east of Strahan (41 kilometres).

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McNamara Street, Paragon Theatre, Queenstown, Tasmania, 7467

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Please select a tour service below to find out more information:

    • Mt Lyell Underground Mine Tour
    • Lost Mines - Ancient Pines Tour
    • Lake Margaret Hydro Power Tour
    • Tour the Mt Lyell mine from high on the mountain where the first 1880's discoveries were made, current surface operations including the environmental restoration works and deep in the earth where current operations are being carried out. The complete mine tour above and below ground. Australia's only tour into a working mine. Queenstown is a four-hour drive north-west of Hobart.

    • The Lost Mines-Ancient Pines tour travels south of Queenstown to the 1881 discovered Lynchford mines. Visit the relics in the rainforest at the Harris Reward mines then drive up the slopes of Mt Jukes to the 1899 Jukes Proprietary mine. This tour is a mix of mining heritage, modern hydro power generation, leatherwood honey and the old North Mt Lyell railway formation that takes us to the World Heritage valued Bird River Rainforest. See all the Tasmanian precious timbers including Huon pine growing wild. Wildlife is often encountered including Devils and Quolls. On the return drive to Queenstown be greeted by the wonderful people of Bradshaws Tasmanian Special Timbers sawmill (weekdays only) at Lynchford.

    • Visit the 1914 commissioned hydro power station and village. Tour the intact village and enjoy an interpretive visit to the village hall. Enter the working power station and touch the wooden pipelines that still deliver water to the turbines. Queenstown is a four-hour drive north-west of Hobart (256 km).

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