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Trek Tasmania

  • Trek Tasmania
  • Trek Tasmania
  • Trek Tasmania
  • Trek Tasmania
  • Trek Tasmania
  • Trek Tasmania
  • Trek Tasmania
  • Trek Tasmania
  • Trek Tasmania
  • Trek Tasmania

Trek Tasmania is a boutique walking tour company focussed on taking small groups into the wilds of our magnificent island, onto the paths less travelled and into the heart of the Tasmanian wilderness. Our speciality is offering quality, deep immersion wilderness hiking experiences; our commitment is to sustainable eco-tourism principles.

We employ passionate, highly experienced, professional guides, who deliver world-class trekking tours in some of the most spectacular places in Tasmania. We understand that by looking after our wilderness areas and having a total 'leave no trace' policy we are preserving the areas that we visit for future generations. We abide by and believe in the philosophy that when you look after the land, the land looks after you.

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    • With precipitous peaks plunging into the ferocious Southern Ocean, wild rivers, pristine rainforests growing to the edge of unspoiled beaches and vast meadows of brilliant wildflowers, the South Coast Track is a must see and do. This is a real journey; it's not for the faint hearted but for those who like to challenge themselves, the rewards are immense and sometimes life changing. There are very few places like this left on earth, an area so wild, so spectacular and totally unspoiled. The South Coast Track is a full pack carrying trip so a good level of fitness is required. Itinerary Summary: Day 1: Fly from Hobart to Melaleuca, walk to Point Eric (12 km) Day 2: Trek to Louisa Bay (11 km) Day 3: Walk to Louisa River (9 km) Day 4: The Ironbound Range to Little Deadmans Bay (11 km) Day 5: Rest day at Little Deadmans Bay Day 6: Walk to Osmiridium Beach camp (15 km) Day 7: Walk to Granite Beach camp (10 km) Day 8: Over South Cape Range, camp South Cape Rivulet (11 km) Day 9: Walk to Cockle Creek, return to Hobart (12 km)

    • Named after Captain Matthew Flinders who first navigated these islands in 1798, Flinders Island is one Australia's best kept walking holiday secrets. Trek Tasmania is very excited to offer this guided walking tour. This trek is fully vehicle supported so you only carry a day pack. We take you to the must see places and the secret spots that no one else knows about, getting fully immersed in the wilderness heart of the island. Our Flinders Island six-day (60 km) walking holiday is about getting off track and walking in a true wilderness wonderland. Itinerary Summary: Day 1: Pick up from Launceston, fly Launceston to Flinders Island, walk Palana/north east tip of Flinders Island (13 km) Day 2: Transfer to Killiecrankie township, walk coast from Killiecrankie to The Docks (11 km) Day 3: Climb Mt Killiecrankie (8 km) Day 4: Explore the Furneaux Museum and Wybalenna, walk to Castle Rock (10 km) Day 5: Climb Mt Strzelecki (6 km) Day 6: Pillangers Peak and Lillies Beach Walk (10 km)

    • The only way into The Walls of Jerusalem National Park is by foot. Our six-day full pack walk takes us into the heart of the central walls area where we camp for two nights. We have the luxury of a day pack walk on day two, so we can make the most of this spectacular place and get to the mountain peaks a little easier. On day three we head into the more isolated and remote parts of the park where few people venture. Our camps are located in the most picture-perfect places, offering spectacular lake frontages, an array of wildflowers and stunning mountain peaks. This is true Tasmanian wilderness. Itinerary Summary: Day 1: Depart Launceston, walk to Walls of Jerusalem National Park camp (7 km) Day 2: Central Walls of Jerusalem day walk (8-12 km) Day 3: Wild Dog Creek to Lake Adelaide (13 km) Day 4: Lake Adelaide to Lake Meston (10 km) Day 5: Lake Meston to Lake Bill (10 km) Day 6: Lake Bill to Launceston (4 km)

    • Our 5 day Mt Anne Walking Tour includes the highlight of climbing south west Tasmania's highest peak, Mt Anne (1423m) . We complete an exhilarating circuit walk in some of the largest and most spectacular mountain landscape found in Australia. The trek covers varying alpine terrain and is, like most Tasmanian alpine walks, at the will of the changeable weather. We allow 5 days to complete this adventure in order to give our small group the best chance of completion, including stunning side trips. The walk is for experienced trekkers who are comfortable with heights and want a challenge facilitated by some of Tasmania's most expert trekking guides. Day 1 : Depart Hobart, walk to High Camp Hut Day 2 : Mt Eliza, High Shelf/Pandani Shelf Camp Day 3 : Summit Mt Anne Day 4 : To camp at Lonely Tarns Day 5 : Lonely Tarns to Hobart

    • At 1446 metres, Frenchman’s Cap is located in some of the most breathtaking mountain country in Tasmania. The landscape dominating Cap was first sighted from the Tasmanian west coast and was a landmark recorded with the establishment of the penal settlement on Sarah Island, in Macquarie Harbour (1822-1837). Sculptured through the Pleistocene glaciation age, the features of the mountain and its surrounds are spectacular and offer a challenging trekking adventure. The famous wild Franklin River snakes its way around Frenchman’s and forms part of this rewarding wilderness journey in the heart of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. 5 days enables us to complete this trek with good opportunities to summit this amazing peak and complete exploratory walks in the area. Day 1 : Depart Launceston, walk to Philips Lead | 12kms Day 2 : Philips Lead to Lake Tahune | 11kms Day 3 : Summit Frenchman’s Cap, camp Lake Tahune | 4kms Day 4 : Lake Tahune to Lake Vera | 7kms Day 5 : Lake Vera to Launceston | 16kms

    • The landscape in this part of Tasmania is truly ancient. Our 7 day trek enables us to travel through a land forgotten in time, passing imposing mountain ranges and crossing river courses that have molded to the landscape shifting of this epic wilderness. A challenging adventure, this trek takes our small group on a journey towards one of earth's most pristine marine reserves located in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area - Port Davey. Ancient pockets of cool temperate rain forest contrast the moorland steppe of the Lost World plateau. Itinerary Summary There is a pre-trip briefing and a full gear check the afternoon before Day 1. Day 1 : Depart Hobart, walk Huon Campground to Junction Creek | 8kms Day 2 : Junction Creek to Crossing River | 9kms Day 3 : Crossing River to Watershed Camp | 14kms Day 4 : Watershed Camp to Spring River | 15kms Day 5 : Spring River to the Narrows Crossing | 13kms Day 6 : Narrows Crossing to Melaleuca Camp | 12kms Day 7 : Melaleuca to Hobart

    • The Overland Track is Australia’s most iconic wilderness trekking journey. Trek Tasmania offers an opportunity to experience this classic Tasmanian bushwalking adventure, showcasing everything that this Tasmanian wilderness world heritage area has to offer. We spend 6 days walking the track, staying at purpose-built group camping sites each night; add to this the company and expertise of some of the very best wilderness guides and you are guaranteed a trek of a lifetime. Itinerary Summary Day 1 : Depart Launceston, Ronny Creek to Waterfall Valley | 10.7kms (+2km Cradle Mountain) Day 2 : Waterfall Valley to Lake Windermere | 8kms (+3km Lake Will) Day 3 : Lake Windermere to Pillion Plains | 17kms (+1km Old Pelion) Day 4 : Pelion Plains to Kia Ora | 8.5kms (+5km Mt Ossa) Day 5 : Kia Ora to Windy Ridge | 9.5kms (+2.5km waterfalls) Day 6 : Windy Ridge to Narcisuss, return to Launceston | 9kms

    • The only way into The Walls of Jerusalem National Park is by foot, this remote untouched wilderness is only available to a select few. Our 4 day trek takes us into the heart of the Central Walls area where we camp for three nights. We have the luxury of some day pack walking on day two and three, so we can make the most of this spectacular place and get to the mountain peaks and remoter sections of the park a little easier. Itinerary Day 1 : Depart Launceston, walk to Walls of Jerusalem National Park camp | 7kms There is a pre-trip briefing this morning at the Aspire Adventure Equipment Gear Store 136 York Street, Launceston Day 2 : Central Walls of Jerusalem day walk | 8-12kms Day 3 : Central Walls of Jerusalem day walk | 8-12kms Day 4 : Walk out of Walls of Jerusalem National Park camp | 7kms

    • Join Tarkine Trails on this fully accommodated day pack hiking adventure, exploring one of the most remote and beautiful parts of the world – the Tarkine / takayna wilderness in the north-west of Tasmania. We explore the spectacular highlights and trails of the Tarkine region with stays in lodge style accommodation. Three nights at Corinna in eco-cabins, set deep in the pristine Tarkine rainforest along the banks of the majestic Pieman River is an experience not to be missed. Day 1 : Pick up Launceston, transfer to Rocky Cape National Park, Dip Falls to Stanley | 10kms There is a pre-trip briefing this morning at the Aspire Adventure Equipment Gear Store 136 York Street, Launceston Day 2 : Explore Trowutta Arch, travel the Western Explorer and trek Mt. Donaldson | 13kms Day 3 : Kayak the majestic rainforest clad Pieman and Savage Rivers, return rainforest walk to Corinna | 10kms+paddle | 5km walk Day 4 : Coastal Hike on the takayna coast to Point Rupert | 14kms Day 5 : Fatman Barge, Zeehan, walk Montezuma Falls track, Tulllah |12 kms Day 6 : Mount Farrell hike , return to Launceston | 6kms

    • Trek Tasmania can organise transfers for independent hiking and trekking in all regions of Tasmania, including transfers to trails and national park. Some of our favourite Tasmanian wilderness destinations are: The Tarkine (takayna) – the largest cool temperate rainforest in the southern hemisphere. The Bay of Fires (larapuna) – Tasmania’s pristine coastal paradise. The Blue Tier – the secret rainforest clad mountains and waterfalls of north east Tasmania. Cradle Mountain – the world famous birthplace of Tasmanian ecotourism. Lake St Clair (leeawlena) – Australia’s deepest freshwater lake and surrounding alpine paradise. Freycinet Peninsula – dramatic granite peaks, remote bays, Wineglass Bay and abundant wildlife. Maria Island – convict heritage, wildlife haven and day trekking paradise. The Western and Eastern Arthurs – one of Australia’s most challenging bushwalking destinations. Walls of Jerusalem – Tasmania’s remote alpine national park, where the only way to experience this wilderness is to trek in by foot. The Walls offers wonderful itinerary options to introduce you to wilderness camping and hiking