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West Coast Wilderness Railway - Strahan Departures

  • West Coast Wilderness Railway - Strahan Departures
  • West Coast Wilderness Railway - Strahan Departures
  • West Coast Wilderness Railway - Strahan Departures
  • West Coast Wilderness Railway - Strahan Departures
  • West Coast Wilderness Railway - Strahan Departures

The four-hour River and Rainforest tour takes you from the shores of Macquarie Harbour into the rainforest and mountains of Tasmania’s rugged west coast, while the full day Queenstown Explorer takes passengers all the way along the 35km track to the historic mining town then back to Strahan, with sightseeing stops along the way.

The extraordinary engineering achievement of this railway will be evident as you cross historic bridges, including Iron Bridge, and see the remains of the 244-metre trestle bridge at Quarter Mile. You’ll visit some of the stations along the line, and have the chance to walk in the rainforest, and taste wild leatherwood honey, harvested from the wilderness.

During your journey, your guide will tell you the stories of the railway and the resilient people lived and worked along its length. From the men who laboured to build the line and keep the trains running, to the families and children that made a life in the forest, and the two visionary Irishmen whose fierce rivalry and undaunted ambition brought the railway to life.

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62 Esplanade, Regatta Point Station, Strahan, Tasmania, 7468

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    • River and Rainforest
    • Queenstown Explorer
    • The half-day River and Rainforest excursion from Strahan to Dubbil Barril and return features views of Macquarie Harbour and then the King River, which is crossed via the historic Iron Bridge to reach the station at Lower Landing. Here, passengers learn of the bee hives that are carried on the railway to be placed on the Teepookana Plateau and produce the prized Leatherwood honey. Passengers can taste and if they wish purchase varieties of the honey. The journey proceeds to Dubbil Barril where they learn about the dairy farm that once occupied the river banks, enjoy the Rainforest Walks and observe the locomotive being manually turned.

    • On this full day steam train journey, you’ll travel the length of the West Coast Wilderness Railway, stopping at every station along the line and hearing the many stories of the resilient people and extraordinary events that brought the railway to life. As you travel through an impenetrable rainforest, climb rugged mountains and pass deep gorges, you’ll understand the huge challenges that were overcome to build the line that would eventually connect the region’s rich copper mines to the port at Strahan. The railway also connected people and communities, and throughout the day, you’ll pass through the camps, settlements, towns and farms that once thrived here. You’ll stop at Lower Landing on the edge of the King River, and Dubbil Barril where locomotives are still turned for their return journey. And you’ll ascend the steepest section of track under the power of the Abt rack and pinion system to reach Rinadeena, where annual rainfall can be up to three metres! Your tour includes a 90-minute lunch stop in Queenstown, where you will have time to explore this historic mining town and take an optional guided walking tour.