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  • Yukon-Tours
  • Yukon-Tours

Yukon-Tours - the traditional sailing ketch Yukon - offers daily cruises on the Huon River and overnight cruises on Tasmania's beautiful waterways.

On the popular 90 minute Calm River Cruise, you become a part of the experience as you hoist sail or simply sit back enjoy the beauty of the Huon Valley.

Or you can join them for the fabulous Fat-Pig -Farm-Afloat lunch cruises.

The overnight cruise is an unique opportunity to take a comfortable, low-impact holiday on a wooden ship under sail at sea. Destinations as Bruny Island, Port Davey and beyond .

Yukon was rescued by Australian shipwright David Nash and his Danish wife Ea Lassen from the bottom of a harbour near Copenhagen 1998. After a five years restoration program, the family has operated Yukon as a charter vessel, first in Europe and now in Australia.

Yukon-Tours accommodates up to 28 day guests and 8 overnight guests.

Overall length 22 metres / Beam 4.7 metres / Draft 2.3 metres.

Under Australian Survey.

Accredited Licensed Operator, Parks and Wildlife Service.

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0498 578 535


3335 Huon Highway, Franklin, Tasmania, 7113

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Please select a tour service below to find out more information:

    • Port Davey and South West Wilderness Cruises
    • Calm Water Cruises
    • Bruny Island and the D’Entrecasteaux Channel Cruises
    • Fat Pig Farm Afloat
    • Sail aboard Yukon in the heart of Tasmanian World Heritage wilderness. At the bottom of the world, a little known paradise of intricate waterways, white beaches and crystalline ridges rising sharply from the Southern Ocean has captured the imagination of adventurers for centuries. The beautifully restored 80 year-old ketch Yukon invites guests on a picturesque cruise. Three cruise options are available: 1. Embark Yukon in Franklin sail out to Port Davey disembark Yukon and fly back to Hobart. Seven days. 2.Fly out to Port Davey embark Yukon, sail in Port Davey Harbour, disembark Yukon and fly back to Hobart. Three days. 3. Fly out to Port Davey embark Yukon and sail back with Yukon. Seven days.

    • Sail the beautifully restored 80 year-old danish sailing vessel "Yukon" on the calm Huon River. No prior sailing experience needed. On the popular 90 minute cruise you become a part of the experience as you hoist sail, explore the cozy cabins under deck or simply sit back, enjoy the timeless feeling and the beauty of the Huon Valley. Underway you can learn more about the vessels history. Freshly brewed coffee and tea included. The vessel is easy to access (gangway), spacious enough to walk around, possible to go below deck alone or accompanied by crew.

    • Sail aboard Yukon in 'The Channel'. This partially sheltered water way nestled between the Tasmanian mainland and Bruny Island has a myriad of anchorages and secluded beaches. An ideal opportunity for a short break. This overnight voyage is a good introduction to coastal cruising in one of Tasmania's premier natural features. You can choose to book on one of the set up cruises or if you are travelling with a group of family/friends you can charter the whole ship.

    • We are happy to, once again, invite you on board for these special events! Fat Pig Farm Afloat combines the delicious artisan produce of southern Tasmania with the dramatic beauty of the Huon Valley. Aboard Yukon, your two-hour cruise on the majestic Huon River is accompanied by a seasonal picnic lunch with matching beverages.

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