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Cradle Country
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Total 226 km

Cradle Country - Itinerary

Experience the variety of Tasmania's landscapes, from the north coast's patchwork agricultural hinterland to Cradle Mountain on the edge of the Tasmanian World Heritage Wilderness Area.

Start: Devonport

Duration: 2 - 4 days

Print: Cradle Country [PDF 315KB]

National parks:

Devonport - Sheffield

  • In Devonport, walk along foreshore track to the Devonport Maritime Museum and Tiagarra Aboriginal Centre or drive 4 km on the Bass Highway to the Don River Railway - a full-sized locomotive service from the Don Village Station to Coles Beach.
  • From Devonport, drive south to Latrobe and walk its historic streetscapes where treasures can be uncovered in its many antique stores. Reliquaire, once a hotel, is now a mind-bogglingly massive gift and toy shop where more than 20 rooms burst with everything from dolls to telescopes to puppets to homemade fudge.
  • At the nearby Warrawee Forest Reserve, spot a platypus from the viewing platform or join a guided tour and learn about this unique, flat-billed creature.
  • Latrobe is the birthplace of competitive wood chopping. Visit the Australian Axeman's Hall of Fame, a tribute to this chopping heritage.
  • From Latrobe, drive 30 minutes to Elizabeth Town and sample traditional English country cheeses such as cheddar and Lancashire at Ashgrove Cheese and fresh fruit produce at the Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm.
  • From Latrobe continue on to Sheffield

Latrobe - Cradle Mountain

  • From Latrobe, drive to Sheffield, the gateway to Cradle Mountain and known as the town of murals - with its social history depicted in more than 40 extensive outdoor murals on the walls of shops and public buildings.
  • Nearby at Railton is an impressive display of topiary plants, while Wilmot has an extensive collection of innovative and humorous letterboxes.
  • From Sheffield, visit Promised Land (it's rally called that!) and visit Tasmazia, the world's largest complex of winding mazes with eight individual mazes to conquer - and the Village of Lower Crackpot, a miniature village hidden deep inside the hedges.
  • Continue on to Cradle Mountain - although there's no township, there's a range of accommodation.
  • Starting at Cradle Mountain Lodge walk the 20 minute Enchanted Walk loop that winds leisurely through the button-grass plains alongside the Pencil Pine River.
  • Spend the morning exploring one of Tasmania's most beautiful walking tracks: the 6 km Dove Lake Circuit. It's a leisurely stroll, so the toughest part will be trying to peel your eyes away from the craggy Cradle Mountain skyline.
  • Visit the nearby Wilderness Gallery with its ever-changing array of environmental photography. The building is actually a series of interlinked galleries built around an enclosed native garden.
  • At 5.30 pm, Dine with the Devil on a Tasmanian devil feeding tour with devils@Cradle. You'll need to book to not miss out on this close up tour with canapes and drinks, and a two-course dinner.
  • Alternatively, choose your own dinner from the seasonal buffet at the bustling Quoll's Restaurant at Cradle Mountain Hotel, part of the amazing Cradle to Coast Tasting Trail.

Cradle Mountain - Burnie

  • Continuing on from Cradle Mountain, stop at the town of Waratah, 4 km off the main highway and once the richest tin mine in the world. Famous for its local wildflowers, the town also has a gorge and waterfall in its main street.
  • Take a walk to the floor of the gorge and explore a derelict hydro power station.
  • Continue on to Burnie, the main commercial centre of the region.
  • On the approach road look out for the Emu Valley Rhododendron Gardens, at their best in spring but also spectacular throughout summer and autumn.
  • In Burnie, visit the Makers Workshop - part contemporary museum, part arts centre - where you can meet the makers. You'll find paper making, cheese making, whisky making, ceramics, textiles, glass, print makers, painters, sculptors and lots more. Have a chat about what they're making or see their objects for sale in the gift shop.

Burnie - Devonport

  • If retuning to Devonport along the Great Nature Trail touring route, follow the scenic coast road and stop and say hello to the big penguin - at Penguin, or perhaps detour into the hinterland to visit Gunn's Plains Caves and Leven Canyon.
  • For the remainder of the drive back to Devonport, follow the Cradle to Coast Tasting Trail (details online) and discover some of the finest produce Tasmania's beautiful, bountiful North West region has to offer.
  • Depart Devonport.
Leg Time / Distance
Devonport - Sheffield  37 min / 48 km
Sheffield - Cradle Mountain  1 hr 11 min / 68 km
Cradle Mountain - Burnie  1 hr 43 min / 110 km