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Tasmania has a fantastic market culture that offers a wealth of treasures from pre-loved and handcrafted gifts to clean fresh produce and delicious gourmet treats.

Weekends come alive with all kinds of markets in Tassie, the most popular being Salamanca Market on Saturday mornings in Hobart. This bustling hub of over 300 stalls, food and entertainment is set amongst historic sandstone warehouses on Hobart's beautiful waterfront and offers everything from pre-loved bric-a-brac, antiques and clothing to contemporary craft and tasty treats.

Also in Hobart the Farm Gate Market is a Sunday morning hot spot.

In the north of the state, the Harvest Market in Launceston brimming with Tasmania's freshest seasonal produce.

More treasures can be found at town and village markets across the state, showcasing the creative work of generations of creatives including Tassie's original craft makers, artisans and fresh new talent. Many older makers are active on the market scene and show off a variety of creative and cooking skills that result in all kinds of practical gifts, delicious cakes, jams and preserves.

And speaking of great food, there's a great selection of weekend farmers' markets that sell bucketfuls of seasonal fresh produce and offer a local taste of Tasmania.

Tassie markets are great community gatherings and the perfect place to meet the growers and mingle with the locals, too.