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Outdoors and adventure
Outdoors and adventure
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Outdoors and Adventure

If adventure is your thing, then you know it's not just what you do, but where you do it that counts. Tasmania's diverse and ancient landscape offers fantastic outdoor experiences just a short distance from our major cities and towns.

There are outdoor and adventure experiences to suit all levels of fitness and challenge on land, in the water and in the air. Over one third of the state is National Park, Reserve or World Heritage protected wilderness so just being outdoors can be adventure enough.

Tasmania is a walker's paradise with world famous iconic walks like the Overland Track, Wineglass Bay, the South Coast Track and the Three Capes Track.

Our pure and remote waterways also make Tasmania one of the world's last great fisheries with a range of easily accessible fresh and saltwater fishing experiences found across the state.

And if a quiet game of golf is more your style, Tasmania has two of the top 100 golf courses in the world and two of the best public courses in Australia, as well as the oldest golf course in the country.

Go mountain biking, drive off the beaten track, enter the dark and fascinating world of caves or head for the water for a great kayaking or rafting adventure.

The island state's long and beautiful coastline offers even more outdoor journeys and adventures, from sailing on the high seas and surfing some of the biggest breaks in the world, to discovering what lies beneath the surface on an unforgettable coastal dive in kelp forests.

So head outside and experience the natural wonders of Tasmania, and take a trip on the wild - or mild - side.