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Hang Gliding and Cable Tours
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Cable Hang Gliding and Canopy Tours

Take flight over some of Tasmania's most beautiful natural places on a cable hang gliding or canopy tour. Serious hang gliders can ride the swells that roll off many of Tasmania's peaks while cable hang gliding can make this amazing experience easily accessible for all ages and abilities.

Near Launceston in Tasmania's north, Hollybank Treetop Adventure is the longest continuous cable ride in Australia and the first high wire canopy adventure tour using unique Australian eco-friendly infrastructure that reduces any damage to the trees. With high tension cables up to 50 metres above the forest floor and with the longest run stretching 372 metres over the Pipers River Gorge, the experience is nothing short of exhilarating. There's even a night tour for adventurous nocturnal flyers.

Also near Launceston's Cataract Gorge you can take off from an 18 metre high cliff top platform and soar 200 metres.

In Tasmania's south you can cable hang glide near the Tahune Forest Airwalk. This canopy tour takes in 800 metres of flight over pristine Tasmanian wilderness and the mighty Huon River. Designed to imitate the flight of an eagle, you might even meet a few birds on the way.