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Market stall Launceston Harvest Market

Launceston Harvest Market

Lost Pippin Cider, Wandering Gully Blueberries, Killiecrankie Farm, Humbug Reach Vineyard, Mt Direction Olives and Seven Sheds Brewery: the names, the stories and the tastes of these family-run businesses are deliciously intriguing.

The Harvest Launceston Community Farmers' Market is the only place in Tasmania where the producers' tales and their products can be regularly found in one place.

Held every Saturday, there are some 40 producers at each market.

The organisers of this vibrant harvest are as discerning about taste as are the producers - the standards are high; the seasons rule what is for sale.

Willie Simpson is the owner and head brewer at Seven Sheds. "They [the organisers] are reasonably strict with who can sell produce at the market; I take my hat off to them," he says. "They've set a really high standard of showcasing local produce."

Willie's Ferry-Aged Fuggled Porter – an intriguing name if ever there was - will be released in August at the market. The porter, crafted from hops harvested at Seven Sheds in March, was aged in wine casks and went travelling on the Spirit of Tasmania between Devonport and Melbourne some 50 times.

Doubtless it'll be a grand drop. But the fuggled porter is also a portent to the bespoke tastes all the niche producers at the Market strive for. Visitors to the Market can load up on their products and their tales as well as the producers' enviable local knowledge of the region's farm gates and fine restaurants and cafes.

Visitors can take all they harvest with them – most, if not all, of the market's products are good travellers - during journeys along the Tamar Valle Wine Route and other parts of northern Tasmania.

The Harvest Launceston Community Farmers' Market is held every Saturday from 8.30am to 12.30pm at the Cimitiere St car park in Launceston - opposite City Park and the Grand Chancellor Hotel.

The market sells only food and beverages grown and produced in Tasmania and is run within Australian Farmers' Market Association Guidelines.