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It's our most famous walk and you have choices in how you experience it. Take advantage of them and walk the Overland Track the way you want.

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Rugged mountain range On the Overland Track

Walk the Overland Track


If you've found your way to this page there is a strong chance that you are researching ways to ‘do' Tasmania's Overland Track.

That's right, THE Overland Track. The one that has Cradle Mountain in it and finishes by that lake (Lake St.Clair).

Well, there's the first – obvious – way to walk it. Do it solo.

Organise your own park fees to be paid, read up on your destination and figure out how you'll feed and water yourself for the next week and organise your transport to and from the walk. Too hard basket?

If you're up for a good walk but would prefer to spend your time enjoying your holiday rather than worrying you forgot a critical part of it, then there's no doubt you'd enjoy an organised walking trip along the Overland Track.

It's only one walk but it has a million moods and here's a few different ways to experience some of them.

Choose a season: Spring and summer is the best time for many, with warmer days and less chance of rain but enjoying Tasmania's changing seasons is worth the trip in itself. Thanks to our famous fagus, or tanglefoot as many bushwalkers refer to it, Australia's only deciduous tree puts on a show in late autumn as the rusty reds turn to brilliant golds. Some guided winter walks along the Overland Track are also available. Dodge the crowds and enjoy this splendid setting during a truly sublime part of the year, virtually to yourself.

Camping or Huts: Typically, you're either going to lean towards one style of accommodation than the other. If you're sitting on the fence though it's good to know why you would choose either. There is no doubt the hut based trips are more comfortable, and worth every penny when you delight in the warm and cosy atmosphere of great food and welcoming beds after a day on the trail. For those ready to camp, you'll be open to a generally quicker pace allowing more chances to try one of the many worthwhile side trips on offer during your short amount of time in these extraordinary national parks.

Guided or Self Guided: A good guide can make or break a trip. They're fill half the memories of your group-based travels and the safety and comfort they provide are welcoming. If deep in the Tasmanian wilderness is not a place you typically hang out, guided trips should be a preferred option. But if you're fit, comfortable with camping and relish a challenge in the outdoors you can save a lot of time by trying a self guided trip instead of organising it all yourself.

It's our most famous walk and you have choices in how you experience it. Take advantage of them and walk the Overland Track the way you want.