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One of the oldest settlements, the scenic riverside settlement of Pontville is rich in heritage and natural attractions. Discover a new side of Tasmania today.

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The scenic riverside settlement of Pontville is rich in heritage and natural attractions. Located near Brighton, just north of Hobart, Pontville sits on a hill overlooking the Jordan River on one side and a vast plain on the other that was once an Aboriginal travelling route between Tasmania's north and south.

The site was established as a garrison town in 1821 and boomed in the early days for its timber, quarries and proximity to the hunting grounds of the Southern Midlands, which had been fire-stick farmed over thousands of years by Aboriginal Tasmanians.

As one of Tasmania's oldest settlements, Pontville offers plenty of history to explore with several churches and cemeteries as well as the ruins of the first shops and garrison buildings. There are many fine Georgian residences, an old pub and heritage accommodation on the banks of the Jordan River.

For an insight into Tasmania's colonial heritage, visit Shene homestead (1819), a 19th century country estate.

Walking trails follow the river through bushland and south to Brighton and beyond.

Accommodation in Pontville is mainly bed and breakfast stays in colonial heritage cottages.

Pontville is a 30-min drive north of Hobart.

Local tips

  • Keep your eye out for 'The Row', sometimes known as 'The Barracks', near the bridge over the Jordan River. The building was built in 1824 as accommodation for soldiers and is a combination of five cottages - three with roof dormers and two larger cottages with three bays