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Sorell is one of Tasmania's oldest farming towns and today is a busy regional centre and the last major town on the way to the Tasman Peninsula and the East Coast.

Surrounded by farmland, fields and a growing suburban commuter community, Sorell's idyllic location and closeness to Hobart attracts residents and visitors alike.

A walk around town reveals pieces of history on and off the main street, with impressive historic churches like St George's and Sorell's oldest building, the Sorell Barracks, now colonial accommodation.

A visit to a local antiques and vintage store will reveal even more treasures from the past.

Sorell is rich in produce too. At the Sorell Fruit Farm you can pick all kinds of stone and berry fruits, including rare heritage varieties.

Just west of Sorell is the Orielton Lagoon, a nature reserve with locally significant flora and fauna and migratory shorebirds that rest here on their international journeys.

Sorell is the turn-off point to Port Arthur and the Tasman Peninsula and also to the East Coast via Orford.

Sorell is a 30-min drive (26 km) east of Hobart.

Local tips

  • Find all three National Estate-listed churches, especially the impressive St George's Anglican Church in Gordon Street
  • Stop by Sorell Antique Centre where there are all kinds of treasures from the past