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Set deep within the Tasmanian wilderness on the banks of Lake Pedder and surrounded by a spectacular landscape packed with adventure activities. Discover Tasmania today.

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Strathgordon is set deep within the Tasmanian wilderness on the banks of Lake Pedder, surrounded by a spectacular landscape packed with adventure activities, and with a secret history to share.

Located on the edge of Tasmania's World Heritage Wilderness Area, Strathgordon is literally the place at the end of the road. From here, civilisation ends and there is only amazing nature to explore.

It also sits on the edge of Lake Pedder, Australia's largest freshwater lake and water catchment system. A key part of Tasmania's hydroelectric scheme, this massive lake is also accessible for trout fishing, kayaking and swimming.

These are spectacular surrounds – with vast expanses of water, forested islands, distant snowy peaks and a peaceful quiet. The drive on from Maydena to Strathgordon is itself an adventure as it passes through stunning scenery in this wilderness area.

Numerous walking trails explore the lake's edge and surrounding wilderness, as well as the Gordon Dam wall - an engineering marvel that now offers thrill seekers the highest abseiling experience in the world.

A wander around the old town reveals the area's engineering history – and the natural history lost to it including the original Lake Pedder, with its spectacular beach of pink quartz sand.

The surrounding Southwest National Park is Tasmania's largest national park and contains some of the most remote wilderness found anywhere, including stands of rare Huon pine and a world of endemic plant and animal species.

While much of the park is remote and hard to reach, it offers spectacular scenery that can be easily enjoyed on four wheels.

Accommodation is available at a full-service chalet and in self-contained units.

Strathgordon is a 2 hr 15-min drive (156 km) from Hobart.

Local tips

  • Check out the size of the 2,000 year old Huon pine stump at Pedder Wilderness Lodge, near the dam wall