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Perth lies on the plains just outside of Launceston with views out to the Great Western Tiers mountain range.

It's the first major town out of Launceston on the route to Hobart and also serves as a major junction for people bypassing Launceston on their way to Hobart from the north-west of the state.

Perth was settled in 1821 and has more than 40 historic buildings, many dating back to the early 1800s. You can pick up a National Trust brochure from the post office and take a self-guided walking tour past the notable Baptist and Methodist churches, some private homes and historic shop fronts.

Also worth a visit is the Tasmanian Honey Company where you can enjoy free tastings of this world-class honey.

Perth is just over a 15-min drive (19 km) from central Launceston.

Local tips

  • Look out for the Leather Bottle Inn – the oldest building in the town, built in 1839 using hand-made nails in its construction