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Cascades Female Factory
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Cascades Female Factory - World Heritage Site

The Cascades Female Factory was built in Hobart in 1828 and operated as a convict facility work house until 1856.

Its aim was to remove women convicts from the negative influences and temptations of Hobart. Although it was separated and hidden from the main colony, it nevertheless played a pivotal role in the penal transportation system.

Approximately 25,000 female convicts were transported to Australia, comprising only 15 to 17 per cent of the convict population.

The Cascades Female Factory is the only remaining female factory with extant remains that give a sense of what female factories were like. It is included on the Australian National Heritage List and was inscribed on the World Heritage list in July 2010, along with ten other Australian convict sites, five of which - including the Cascades Female Factory - are found in Tasmania.

Today the Cascades Female Factory Historic Site comprises three of the original five yards.

The Cascades Female Factory Historic Site is open every day (except Christmas) and offers a range of tours.