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Whitemark Wharf Parkrun

  • Whitemark Wharf Parkrun

A weekly run, or walk, that covers five km from the Whitemark Wharf along a coastal track and back again. The aim is not to outrun everyone else, but to beat yourself, as each run is timed, and each new week presents you with the opportunity to beat your previous score. People from all levels of fitness are welcome.

Though not necessary to participate in the run, in order to be timed it is recommended that you follow the web link and register, so as to receive the unique bar-code that will allow you to keep track of your times and results.

The parkrun will be reopening on Saturday the 17th of October, following COVID-19 sports guidelines.

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Event Date:
21 May 2022 (WEEKLY)



The Whitemark Wharf, 16 Esplanade, Whitemark, Tasmania, 7255