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Riddle of Spiky Bridge

Old stone bridge in a paddockIt's just a bridge but it's pretty cool. Built by convicts in 1843, this bridge abruptly pops out of the landscape to baffle passers-by with its odd design.

The bridge was made from field stones laid without mortar or cement and the parapet features field stones laid vertically, giving the bridge a spiky appearance.

It's claimed that the spikes were designed to prevent cattle falling over the sides of the bridge, though it turns out the real reason is to help the bridge weather harsh winds. There are also the remains of the governor's cottage on the hill overlooking the unusual bridge.

The bridge is 7.5 kilometres south of Swansea on Tasmania's east coast, on the western side of the highway opposite the beaches of Great Oyster Bay. Across the bay are stunning views to the mountains of Freycinet National Park.

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