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Ever walked through a 100-m abandoned railway tunnel?

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Spray Tunnel in Zeehan

Man standing in a tunnelEver walked through a 100 m long abandoned railway tunnel?

Just outside of Zeehan in Tasmania's west is the Spray Tunnel Loop, an easy one-hour return walk that passes through the Spray Tunnel, a 100 m long abandoned train tunnel that leads to what was the Spray Silver Mine.

The tunnel was carved through the hill so that ore could be moved from the mine. The tunnel is unusually shaped like a keyhole, approximately 3 metres high and 2.2 m wide and 100 m long.

Once through the tunnel you'll find the relics of buildings and abandoned boilers – a reminder of the west's mining past.

For the start of the walk, head north towards the end of town and turn left onto Fowler Street and follow it to the end past the golf course.

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