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Cradle Mountain Canyons - The Lost World Canyon

Canyoning, Tasmania
A group at the end of a canyoning tour at Cradle Mountain
A canyoner floating down at river at Cradle Mountain
Float and walk through a beautiful section of the river and see the world from the point of view of a platypus. The Lost World Canyon offers a truly unique way to experience Tasmania’s Wilderness World Heritage Area. This tour is all about getting up close and personal with nature. Available to participants aged eight and up, it is not aimed at the adrenaline junkie, but some jump rocks up to three metres high and other challenges spice things up. Some of the highlights include seeing 1000-year-old pencil pine trees and hearing the story of James 'Philosopher' Smith - the legendary first canyoner at Cradle Mountain.


Family Friendly

Public Toilet

Does not cater for people with access needs.



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