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Aardvark Adventures Tasmania

  • Aardvark Adventures Tasmania
  • Aardvark Adventures Tasmania
  • Aardvark Adventures Tasmania
  • Aardvark Adventures Tasmania

Aardvark Adventures is an adventure tourism business located in Hobart, Tasmania. With over 33 years in the industry, we specialise in abseiling, white water rafting, school outdoor education programs and corporate team-building/bonding programs.

Our staff are committed to the principles of best practice and are leaders in the development of new programs and safety techniques.

Aardvark Adventures is the sole operator of the world’s highest commercial abseil, the 140 metre Gordon Dam at Strathgordon. This has been listed in the Top 10 ‘Adrenaline’ activities in the world.

For those looking for less excitement, we can abseil in several other locations around Tasmania, including the beautiful Blackmans Bay coastal abseil just fifteen minutes south of Hobart.

We also provide single-day white water rafting adventures to tourist groups, local and interstate schools and corporate groups. Our rafting trips take place on the Mersey River in northern Tasmania, and the Picton and Derwent Rivers in southern Tasmania.

For those who like to get dirty, we offer caving adventures in both northern and southern Tasmania. Honeycomb Cave, near Mole Creek, is a clean, pretty river cave suitable for beginners, while Loons Cave involves a 30m abseil into a very muddy sports cave.

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1 Anfield Street, Hobart, Tasmania, 7010

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    • Team Building With A Difference
    • Gordon Dam Abseiling Tour
    • Mersey River Whitewater Rafting Tour
    • Huon and Picton River Rafting Tour
    • Aardvark has a long standing association with corporate Australia in team building and educational activities, offering a range of activities geared to enhance bottom line outcomes, promote and inspire. Detailed team building activities building on self management skills and interactive experimental learning are proven ways of creating a dynamic team, at middle management or in other areas of the workforce. Programs are based around a number of inter related outdoor & indoor activities. The outdoor activities challenge the individuals, encourage personnel and team interdependence and create opportunities for sharing adventure in a learning environment. The indoor program takes advantage of the opportunities that arise in the outdoors and further explores communication issues, the nature of leadership, team support and team building within the context of the business imperatives. Director Phil Harris is a fully qualified rafter, skier, canoeist, caver and top rope climber with international experience in guiding and instructing. With 20 years experience in the adventure industry, from setting up the abseil from the Silos at Salamanca Place, Hobart to more adventurous abseiling- Gordon Dam, the world’s highest commercial abseil, to white water rafting, caving and adventure learning Phil can design a program to suit your organisation objectives.

    • Challenge yourself vertically by abseiling down the face of the Gordon Dam - the highest commercial abseil in the world if you do the full 140-metre abseil. If you’re not ready for that, there are abseils of 30 and 50 metres. The abseils are suitable for beginners. We supply qualified and informative guides, all equipment and safety gear, a CD of photos and a Certificate of Achievement upon completing the 140metre abseil.

    • The First Drop, Wentworth Street, Berlin Wall and The Washing Machine will have your heart racing as you race down the whitewater rapids of the Mersey River. No experience is necessary to have a blast. The rapids are graded 2-3, the river is quite swift so there is little paddling, and an experienced rafting guide accompanies groups of six. Long john wetsuits, a safety and rafting briefing, and even buckets for water fights are included.

    • Immerse yourself in the southern forests and experience rafting at its best. Gentle rapids allow you to see Huon pine growing naturally while the ‘Gorge’ will get your heart pumping. A truly magic river to raft on travelling to the ‘Junction’ of the two rivers. Travel is about one and a half hours south of Hobart winding through the picturesque Huon Valley. We supply qualified and fun guides, wetsuits, safety gear and even buckets for water fights are included.

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