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Low Head Penguin Tours

  • Low Head Penguin Tours

Low Head Penguin Tours offer penguin watching tours at Low Head in northern Tasmania. Operating at the mouth of the Tamar River, the tours offer a fascinating insight into the Little penguins (also known as Fairy penguins) making their nightly journey to their burrows.

The tour is operated along environmentally sensitive lines to ensure the penguins are not disturbed. Learn about the Little penguins and how most retain the same mate for life.

Tours run each night just after sunset. Pick-up from Launceston can be arranged for an additional fee.

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0418 361 860


485 Low Head Road, Low Head, Tasmania, 7253

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    • Low Head Fairy Penguin Colony Tour
    • The Little penguin tour departs about an hour before sunset for Low Head. The informative commentary offers you information about the penguins and also the maritime and colonial history of the area. Tours take about one hour and are conducted all year round and in all weather. Make sure you wear warm clothing in case it gets chilly.

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