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Overseas travellers

Information for travellers entering Australia on a foreign passport. Get easy travel information to make all your journeys in Tasmania hassle free.

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Overseas Travellers

Tasmania is a state in the Commonwealth of Australia. Tasmanians are citizens of Australia, travel on Australian passports and vote in federal elections.

International flights do not arrive directly into Tasmania. Travellers arriving by air must pass through immigration prior to arriving in Tasmania. The immigration clearance process takes place on mainland Australia, prior to entering Tasmania.

For the latest information on travel to Tasmania, refer to www.coronavirus.tas.gov.au


Travellers entering Australia on a foreign passport will need a visa regardless of the purpose or duration of their stay.

Tourists from selected countries (New Zealand) are exempt.

Travel and health insurance

Should you require medical attention during your visit and you do not have health insurance, you will be liable for the entire cost of treatment, which may be substantial.