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Fishing and Charters

Tasmania's pure and remote waterways make it one of the world's last great fisheries with good fishing found within minutes of our city centres.

Tasmania's wild brown trout are arguably the purest strain in the world, given Tasmania is disease free and has plenty of water to feed its inland waterways.

With over 3,000 rivers, streams and lagoons there's plenty of spots to choose from and Tasmania's clear waters make sight fishing a real attraction.

There's excellent fly fishing everywhere from glacial highland lakes brimming with wild brown trout to the rocky rapids of the South Esk and Macquarie rivers to the calm waters of the Huon River, south of Hobart.

Tasmania also has sensational game fishing waters only 20 minutes from shore and holds many game fishing world records including six world records for southern blue fin tuna. Our game fishing waters stretch from Flinders Island in the north-east, past St Helens and all the way down the east coast to the Tasman Peninsula.

Professional charters are available and casual fishing can be enjoyed in many of Tassie's most beautiful locations.