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White Water Rafting in Tasmania

Tasmania offers rafting experiences for all ages and abilities - with surging rapids, deep tranquil gorges and pristine forests of myrtle, leatherwood and ancient Huon pine.

In Tasmania's west, the Franklin River runs through the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area and is possibly Australia's most celebrated wild river. Negotiating the untamed waters of the Franklin is one of the world's great adventures, and if you don't have the time then try a day on the King River, near Queenstown.

But the options don't end there. South of Hobart, the Picton River offers a gentle ride through lush rainforest and the rolling hills of the Tasmanian countryside. Huon pines tower over the river's edge and there are easy rapids to negotiate.

For families and first-timers, the upper reaches of the Derwent River north of Hobart offer gentle rapids and beautiful scenery down the tranquil Derwent Valley.

Up north, the Mersey River cuts an impressive canyon 85 kilometres south of Devonport. The controlled release waters make it the most reliable white water course in the state with several heart-racing rapids for thrill seekers.

Commercial river rafting companies offer skilled local guides and half-day trips to extended expeditions.