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Parks and gardens

From formal heritage gardens through to wild native garden landscapes, Tasmania's parks and gardens are as beautiful as they are varied

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Tasmania's Botanical Parks and Gardens

Tasmania's parks and gardens are as beautiful as they are varied. Generations of plant-loving Tasmanians have created stunning natural displays of all kinds, from colonial era recreations of English and European landscape designs, to wild and contemporary native gardens.

The parks and gardens in our cities and towns are a great places to start. The Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens in Hobart is a natural wonderland with over 6,500 species of exotic and native plants, all in a beautifully landscaped setting that has been well-maintained for almost 200 years.

Also in Hobart, nearby to Salamanca Place, is St David's Park. St David's Park was originally Hobart's first cemetery and dates from the beginning of European settlement in 1804. Some of the early headstones remain today.

In Launceston, City Park is a much-loved parkland, with mature trees and shrubs and an impressive display of annual flowers.

Many historic houses and country homesteads also feature beautiful gardens, including the National Rose Garden at Woolmers Estate. This living museum presents the history of rose cultivation and comes to colourful life from spring to autumn.

For floral displays on a commercial scale, visit a lavender farm, breathe in the perfume and experience Table Cape's famous tulip displays during the Bloomin' Tulips Festival in October each year.

Whether carefully cultivated or growing wild, Tasmania's gardens tell a story and are a perfect way to enjoy nature's beauty.