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Street view of  The Big Red Cray that adorns the shop roof. The volcanic rock know as The Nut behind
Visitors relaxed enjoying the seaside bay views
Tasmanian Abalone with a minimum size aproximatly a hand span.
Golden brown local crumbed Flathead with beer battered chips and homemade Tartare.
Coloured pins marking where visitors are from around the world, who have dined on a Crayfish meal.
Pretty pinkish fan shape Scallop shells ready to be processed.
Sashimi Crayfish on a platter including fresh salads and various sauces.
Golden brown  crumbed Striped Trumpeter with beer battered chips, garden salad and home made Tartare
Shop front view
“這不僅僅是關於我們的南方岩龍蝦”- 當您看到棲息在海邊 Nut 下的 Big Red Cray 時,您就知道您已經到了 Hursey Seafoods。 靠近碼頭的大型停車場有足夠的空間停車。您經常會看到總經理在維護他的艦隊,有時還會在夜間加入野生仙企鵝。 用餐區有許多靠窗的座位,可以俯瞰 Tatlows 海灘,在那裡您將被夏日日落美景或在夏日陽光下嬉戲的海灘遊客所震撼。除了優質海鮮,您還可以享用炭烤格里姆角牛排或當地 Nichols 散養雞。 適合家庭的輕鬆氛圍,以及適合您特別慶祝活動的私人功能區。 在地面區域訂購外賣,在準備餐點時,查看展示缸中的當地魚類,或從熟食店購買海鮮,包括魚片、龍蝦、牡蠣和扇貝。在有蓋座位附近的草地上享受新鮮的外賣。 走進去,我們期待為您服務。





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