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Lavender must be one of the most widely known herbs. It appeals to both men and women and is known for its beauty, its fine fragrance and its medicinal and culinary value.

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Lavender Bridestowe Lavender Estate

Lavender in Tasmania

Lavender must be one of the most widely known herbs. It appeals to both men and women and is known for its beauty, its fine fragrance and its medicinal and culinary value. Visitors to Tasmania have several opportunities around the state to experience the beauty and enticing fragrance of lavender and  learn more about this extraordinary plant.

Bridestowe Lavender Estate

In the north of the state, just 55 km north-east of Launceston at Nebowla, is Bridestowe Lavender Estate, one of the world's finest producers of lavender oil. Bridestowe Lavender Estate is spectacular at any time of year with vistas spanning over 260 acres of lavender fields, landscaped gardens and native  forest with views to distant Mount Arthur. At Bridestowe, you can wander freely through rows of lavender at your leisure. There's also a tour showing how they extract the oil from the plants and a wide range of lavender products on sale at the visitor centre including hand creams and soaps, scented potpourri  and room sprays. The café offers a delicious range of lavender inspired delicacies including lavender ice-cream and lavender brownies.

Lavender House – The Perfumery

Also out of Launceston at Rowella is Lavender House – The Perfumery, Tasmania's only working perfumery.  Specialising in the uses of lavender and its natural therapeutic values rather than its production, this innovative niche business produces contemporary personal body care products, simple natural remedies and herbal aroma therapy. A large observation window allows visitors the unique opportunity to see the makers at work and there's a gift shop offering an extensive range of herbal well-being products as well.  Lavender House grows over seventy different species and varieties  of lavender, these flowering individually between September and May.

Port Arthur Lavender

For visitors to the south of the state, Port Arthur Lavender is just a five-minute drive from the famous Port Arthur Historic site on the Tasman Peninsula and a 1.5 hour scenic drive from Hobart. The property has 18 acres of lavender fields, rainforests and lakes and overlooks the ocean. Here you can  stroll around the lavender trail or take in the ocean views from the lavender-inspired café while enjoying fresh Tasmanian produce.

Lavender is in flower between December and January so if you're here, make time to visit one of our Lavender Farms. We know you'll agree that a sea of flowering lavender is a sight to behold.

Tasmazia and the Village of Lower Crackpot

This intriguing multi-maze complex in north-west Tasmania was built on a former dairy farm that was later converted to a lavender farm. Tasmazia has eight mazes including one of the world's largest botanical mazes and a small-scale village, the Village of Lower Crackpot. The property is still a working  lavender farm and you can see it in full flower during January. Tasmazia is 40 km from Devonport in Tasmania's north-west.

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