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Person standing beside motorbike Hobart from kunanyi / Mt Wellington

Motorcycle Touring Tasmania's East Coast


Tasmania has recently been voted as having one of Australia's "best drives".

What's all the fuss about?

Lets call it a "ride" and find out.

There's so much value in Tasmania's roads having been laid out ..oh ..so long ago. Yes, this road was conceived long before the days of multi-lane highways and straight, boring sections. No better example than the snake like, black sinew we call the East Coast Ride.

Top five loves about the East Coast Ride (A3)

  1. It's not straight – Forget commute rides. This one is designed to let the cool climate air blow any CBD cobwebs to the weeds through the countless "twisties" and "over crests" that confirm why you are so passionate about motorcycle touring.
  2. You can start and finish where you choose – This is not a route that has to be enjoyed in only one direction. Start in the north from Launceston or from Hobart in the south. Exit the A3 at St Marys (pick up the A4) or even exit just north of Swansea (Lake Leake Road B34). Or mix it all up – who cares. Your grin will poke out your visor as you're treated to stunning sections of temperate rain forest or grassy plains and low alpine vistas.
  3. Go - Stop – There's fuel where you need it, no crowded parking and so many options for country baked fare that you will need to pump your tyres up after a break. Tasmania has sophisticated and simple food options that attract world wide attention - not to mention the beverages. Or you fall in love and stay a night or three and do it all again.
  4. Kaleidoscope of views - Every motorcyclist who takes on this ride is in awe of just how quickly the scenery, terrain, climate and views change in such a small place. We truly are a world in a glass tube. The East Coast Ride takes in sandy plains, temperate rain forest, grassy open fields, sandy beaches, coastal fishing vistas, sub alpine hills, mature eucalypt forests and stunning blue water views that will cause you to stop for photos.
  5. Moto riders love it - you are sure to meet "someone from somewhere" on this ride. Apart from the Ulysses clubs using it for regular rides there are people from around Australia and the world ticking off their bucket list with this "must do" ride.

So what are you waiting for? You don't even need a GPS - you just go east from Launceston or Hobart and there's only one black strip - the East Coast Ride - just do it - before it gets improved too much ;)

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