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Strzelecki National Park

Strzelecki National Park has granite mountains, rugged coastal scenery, and a wild sanctuary for many plants and animals. Start your adventure in Tasmania today.

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Strzelecki National Park

Strzelecki National Park on Flinders Island, with its granite mountains and rugged coastal scenery, is a wild and remote sanctuary for many rare plant and animal species. The park contains open forests of Tasmanian blue gum and a dense coastal fringe of teatree, as well as Sassafras-musk rainforest  and many rare orchids.

The resident animal population includes wombats, Bennetts wallabies, Tasmanian pademelons and potoroos. Bird life is also abundant, with more than 100 species that live in the park or visit on their annual migration - including huge numbers of shearwaters that come to nest over summer. The rare swift  parrot, forty-spotted pardalote, grey-tailed tattler and hooded plover can all be seen here.

Aside from wildlife spotting, there are many other ways to enjoy the park. Short walks from Trousers Point and Fotheringate Bay pass through casuarina woodland and coastal heath before exiting on the coast, while the Strzelecki Peaks walking track is a challenging day walk rising from sea level to  the 756-metre granite massifs of the Strzelecki Peaks. This is the highest point on Flinders Island and an excellent vantage point for viewing the southern end of the island and beyond.

Strzelecki Peaks also present a number of short rock climbs as well as a 230-m cliff.

The rocky headlands and sapphire beaches at Trousers Point and Fotheringate Bay are popular holiday spots where experienced sea kayakers can explore pristine beaches, inlets and offshore islands.

Trousers Beach is a beautiful cove protected from the winds of the roaring forties, surrounded by granite headlands covered with orange lichen.

Fotheringate Bay has some unusual rock formations and is a favourite with the locals. These family-friendly areas have campsites, picnic spots, plus plenty of opportunities to swim, fish, snorkel and dive, or simply take a long and lazy beach walk.

You can also enjoy the park from the air or by sea on a chartered cruise.

Camping and accommodation

Camping is permitted at Trousers Point and commercial accommodation is widely available around the island.


Sharp Airlines fly from Launceston in Tasmania and Melbourne (Essendon) to Whitemark on Flinders Island.