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St Helens
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St Helens

St Helens is the largest town on Tasmania's north-east coast and just a few kilometres away from Binalong Bay and the southern end of the beautiful beaches of the Bay of Fires, one of Lonely Planet's top 10 regions in the world.

Overlooking beautiful Georges Bay, chartered fishing boats cruise offshore for marlin and divers cruise beneath the surface to explore impressive kelp forests, underwater caves and colourful sea life.

St Helen's is the state's second largest fishing port, renowned for its catches of deep sea fish and lobster and a popular destination for recreational fishing. Its waters abound with game fish such as albacore tuna and yellowfin Tuna, and the town is known as the game fishing capital of Tasmania.

On land, the 1-hr return walk to St Helens Point takes in the spectacular Peron Dunes and vast ocean beaches that attract surfers and beach lovers alike.

St Helens offers all the services of a busy town with a positively laid back vibe, and that's just the way the locals and visitors like it. There's no shortage of eateries and shops to hang out in and people watching is a favourite local pastime.

St Helens is also close to the perfect white sandy beaches, lichen-covered granite boulders and crystal clear waters of Binalong Bay and the Bay of Fires.

And with all that fishing going on around town, there's no shortage of amazing fresh seafood to sample at the local eateries or a local fishing punt.

All types of accommodation can be found in and around St Helens, most with beautiful sea views.

St Helens is a 2-hr drive (163 km) east of Launceston.

Local tips

  • Walk from St Helens Point Conservation Area to Beer Barrel Beach and see the spectacular Peron Dunes
  • Voyage out into the Tasman Sea on a game fishing charter, hire a boat and fish in the bay, or simply drop a line off a jetty