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Currie is King Island's largest town, set on a scenic harbour with amazing views of the vast Southern Ocean.

Located in a sheltered harbour on King Island's west coast, Currie has a history of shipwreck salvage, agriculture and fishing, with a sleepy seaside village atmosphere.

You only need to look out towards the ocean to feel the remoteness of the place.

The rugged coast around the town has seen many a shipwreck, the remains of which now teem with marine life and can be visited on chartered dives. A maritime trail also explores the island's underwater relics.

The Currie Lighthouse was built in the 1870s to help prevent shipwrecks in a dangerous stretch of water known as the Eye of the Needle and still stands guard over the ocean today.

For nature lovers, Seal Rocks State Reserve has stunning cliffs and calcified forests to explore, and Lavinia Nature Reserve has wetland bird habitats and a popular surf beach.

Currie's eateries serve up local produce including the island's famous cheese and dairy products and seafood, including local crayfish and beef. The town also has a range of quirky shops and galleries that sell pottery and other local art and craft.

Accommodation is available in holiday rentals, B&Bs, guest houses and campsites.

King Island is 80 kilometres north-east of mainland Tasmania, accessible by plane from Melbourne, Launceston and Burnie–Wynyard.

Local tips

  • Look out for farmers harvesting Bull Kelp off the reefs and beaches surrounding the island