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You’ll find the laid back town of Derby as you travel the winding country roads from Launceston to the east coast.

Overlooking the Ringarooma River in a landscape of mountains and rainforest, Derby is a classified historic town that's small on scale but big on stories.

Once a booming mining settlement, known as Brother's Home, Derby was the setting for an epic tin rush that saw thousands of eager miners flock to the area. Gem hunters keep your eyes peeled for smokey quartz, topaz and amethyst.

These days it’s the mountain bikers carving up the dirt with the network of world-class mountain biking trails surrounding the town of Derby reaching up to the nearby Blue Tier mountain range.

Another interesting tale is that of the Cascade Dam. In 1929 the dam burst wiping out the riverbed and half of the township of Derby. You can ride the exposed riverbed on the Dam Busters Trail, there’s even a local brewery that named a beer after it.

Accommodation is available at hotels, cottages and campsites.

Derby is about a 1 hr 15-min drive (104 km) north-east of Launceston.

Local tips

  • Head to Blue Derby, a network of mountain biking trails that surround the town. The world-class single track includes enormous granite slabs, dense tree fern forests, and breathtaking scenery. You can hire a bike or service your bike at the local bike stores in town.
  • Drive to the Mt Paris Dam, now emptied, with nothing remaining but the massive dam wall standing alone and isolated in the bush. Close by is Little Blue Lake. Once a mine hole, the lake now reflects a stunning aqua blue from the minerals at the bottom of the lake.