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Festival of Fagus

  • Festival of Fagus
  • Festival of Fagus
  • Festival of Fagus
  • Festival of Fagus
  • Festival of Fagus
  • Festival of Fagus
  • Festival of Fagus

The Festival of Fagus is a celebration of autumn, wilderness and one of Tasmania’s favourite natural events - the turning of the leaves the Fagus.

Typically through late April and into early May, sections of alpine mountainside in Tasmania turn a spectacular orange as the ornate leaves of these tangled native plants change colour and eventually fall.

Held in the alpine setting of Cradle Mountain in Tasmania’s north-west, the Festival of Fagus culminates with a series of events and experiences to help visitors to engage with the wild, welcome the cool, crisp days of autumn and enjoy exploring the mountains.

What can I expect during the Festival?

A number of small events at and around Cradle Mountain. Workshops for photography, art, chocolate and gin, specially designed tours for exploring Cradle and finding Fagus, Autumnal menus inspired by Tasmanian seasonal produce.

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Event Date:
24 Apr 2021 to 8 May 2021

(03) 6492 1404


Cradle Mountain Hotel, 3718 Cradle Mountain Road, Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, 7306